Finis Adjustable Kids Mermaid Fin

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The Mermaid™ monofin instantly transforms any swimmer into a mermaid. Inspired by the legendary tales and vibrant colors of the sea, the Mermaid™ monofin encourages young explorers to experience the magic of swimming. Designed to activate both mind and body, the Mermaid™ monofin teaches an equal use of up and down kicks − allowing swimmers to gracefully glide like real mermaids.

  • Designed for swimmers Age 6+.

  • Comes in it's own Mermaid Backpack.

  • Extremely Lightweight - weighs 0.45kg.

  • Dimensions: L 43.2cm x W 2.5cm x H 17cm.

  • Made with TPR material to prevent chafing and skin irritation.

  • Adjustable, quick-release foot strap Latex free.

Finis Adjustable Kids Mermaid Fin