You’ve researched your destination, booked your flight, found your family friendly hotel (and even have an itinerary the size of a small novel!). Hooray, it’s finally time to kick back in some gorgeous sunshine! Hang on, not so fast. Even a well-planned family trip can hit some unexpected roadblocks along the way, so we got the top tips from travel experts, Mypootle on avoiding those mid-flight meltdowns and the like!

family travel tips

Food, glorious food

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your family on an Everest base camp trek, a beach in the Greek Islands or into town. Take a mini-menu of snacks to boost energy and avoid meltdowns whether just after take-off before the service starts, in the middle of a museum or in the park as mid afternoon jet-lag kicks in. Try to pack smart with fruit purees and plain biscuits and if you’re out and about and see a shop, pop in with your child and help them buy a piece of exotic fruit. A great opportunity to experience a new culture first hand.

Remember to break

family travel tips

Whether you are travelling by car, plane or on foot try to build in a break every couple of hours. If you’ve a long journey in the car find some places to stop off on-route such as a picnic spot or if you are heading on a coast road, a splash in the sea. Some of the most picturesque little gems can be found from an impromptu stop-off. If you’ve already arrived at your destination and spent the morning in a museum then find a park to let little ones run around and blow off team.

Stash a surprise to keep the kids happy

If they are getting restless in the car or on a plane a new book, magazine or game can usually distract even the most fidgety. It might be the latest Peppa Pig magazine or a disposable camera – and with the pictures being taken at knee height there might also be some artistic surprises when the film gets developed.

Ask your children to help pack their own things

trunki family travel

Get them their own bag, it doesn’t need to be a suitcase, a little backpack or a trendy Trunki can work just as well and it will also help build understanding and excitement. Depending on their age, let them choose books and cuddly teddies and if they are older give some help on how many socks or t-shirts they should pack.

Avoid the wrong kind of travel bug

Before departure make sure that you’ve seen your doctor and covered off any vaccinations and questions you might have. For any trip away pack the basics, take your known child pain and fever reliever, a thermometer, antiseptic wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer, plasters and bandages (just in case).

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