Mypootle is known for their collection of handpicked luxury and boutique hotels, from slick city bolt-holes and cool mountain cabins to blissful island retreats and super stylish family friendly stays. And we’ve got them on board to share their top tips for planning a perfect family holiday.

Research your Destination

If you’ve school age-kids then get them involved, look at it as a geography lesson with a real destination at the end. Consider the weather, time zone changes, whether you’re after something relaxing and poolside or an activity-based break with cycling and hiking.

Look at Flight Times

How long is the flight, what time do you arrive, are you daytime or nighttime flyers - will your kids sleep on the plane or fidget non-stop and spend 12 hours trying to make a break for freedom up to the steward’s galley. Try to opt for flights that will be as restful as possible.

Perfect Family Holiday my pootle

Don’t Overfill the Itinerary

Factor in a longer time for acclimatization when you arrive and rather than re-packing and changing hotels every night in an effort to see everything, try to base yourself more centrally, spend more nights in the same hotel and get exploring through day trips.

Plan Kids' Activities

Staying longer in one place will help you find local child friendly hangouts, such as the perfect little lagoon with a beach bar for you! Try to break the day into adult and kids activity times, go sightseeing, visit museums and exhibitions in the morning, let them play in the park and splash about in the sea in the afternoon.

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Chill out Time

Travelling with kids can be exhausting, to say the least! Keeping them entertained and out of mischief can be hard so plan a couple of days at the start and on your return home to unwind, get over the jetlag and transition from real life to holiday mode and back again.

Go with the Flow

Even the best-laid plans can go off the tracks, sickness can strike, bags (or even worse, favourite teddies) get lost and weather can change at a moment’s notice. So if rain pelts down on your supposedly sun-kissed beach, download a movie and snuggle up together with an ice cream until it passes.

For some fabulous family friendly places to stay take a peek at the Mypootle family collection, which come with lashings of soul and heaps of charm.