Where did you go on your last holiday?

I have just got back from India. I had around 8 days in Delhi and then 5 days in Goa. Delhi was far from a holiday, but incredibly inspiring and one of life’s must have experiences. It is the city that never sleeps. I stayed in the South which I understand is a very stark contrast to the North - party time!  Goa was so lush, to the point of being almost rainforest like. Vast areas of palm trees and plants. Wonderful flowers and masses of beautiful birds. It really feels like your connected to nature. We stayed at The Leela - which was truly beautiful but a big property and lacked a little personal feel however made up for it in every other way. Fantastic restaurants serving really clean delicious food.Wonderful Spa and incredibly attentive staff. Also great beach shacks, serving really simple Indian dishes - lunch for 2 £6!The beach vendors are a little pushy but really pleasant when you gently tell them your interested in buying. Whats lovely are the fabulously brightly colour sari’s they wear - colour inspiring!

What are your travel must-haves?


A good book, I read The Mitford Girls by Mary S Lovell - truly brilliant and unputdownable. She writes like your sitting having a coffee with her.My iPod full of music I’ve downloaded over the last 20 years. There are 3000 songs on it. My middle son Jimi, is music freak and reckons there are some “bangin tunes” on it. Bliss Body Butter and their oxygen boost collection.I buy Indian Kurtas from one particular shop in Delhi which I wear either on the beach and in bed. I don't leave home without at least 2.

What’s your favourite city and why?

The favourite city would have to be Ostuni in Puglia. It a small city, but beyond beautiful. It feels really welcoming. It is a little touristy in July and August, but outside those months it is heaven. The coastline is really rocky and raw. Fantastic Beach Clubs and restaurants - wonderful for people watching. There is no such thing as a badly dressed Italian!

Tell us about a great little place you know…

My Great little place is Delfino on Mount Street in London. THE best Pizzas in London. Delicious, fresh no-nonsense Italian food and great wines by the glass. It’s always packed with a really eclectic crowd of people - business men, young people, girls lunching and what says the most are people eating alone. That's the kind of place it is - you can sit and have lunch alone and you’d feel 100% comfortable.

Also, love Bocca di Lupo in Soho - the food is delicious and you feel like you are in Italy. Great to eat at the bar.

What inspires you?

History inspires me. Period dramas, old movies, vintage clothing.  Downton, Call the Midwife...I love the simplicity and I love stylish simplicity. I also love the 60’s - Jane Birkin, Hippies. For example, I’ve always loved Macrame -that Macrame dress that Jane Birkin wore when she married Serge Gainsbourg

Tell us about what you are currently working on…

We have a lot of really exciting pieces in development at the moment. We have moved baskets on to another level. Introduced trims and different handles - I’m really excited about them. Macrame - a range of macrame bags and clutches - these should launch in June. A small very nice beachwear collection in cheesecloth - really simple but so comfortable and stylish. Lots more but don’t want to give too much away.

What’s your favourite piece from Sunuva x Rae Feather Collaboration?

I love everything about Sunuva - I’m only sad it wasn’t around when my sons were little. I am thrilled to be working with them and can’t wait to launch our Sunuva/Rae Feather baskets!