So you’ve done the blissful beach holiday. We know the score - palm trees, ocean breeze and lolling by the pool with cocktail in hand, tick, tick and triple tick. There’s no doubt that this is paradise, but the time is nigh to unearth the most unique takes on a family holiday. From teepee travel to boast worthy boats, these alternative types of stay will have you wondering why you've never chosen a whimsical wigwam before!


Camping like you’ve never seen before. Think hot showers, cosy beds and stunning scenery (with not a portaloo in sight!). Scattered across the serene rural backdrops of Britain, Glamping UK offers a luxury-glamping service than even the pooch can enjoy! Our firm favourite location being set within the humble beauty of Pembrokeshire in Wales, with abseiling, kayaking and surfing galore. And after a long day of excursions, relax back in your choice of hut. Or for a nomadic break, go for the kitted out converted double decker bus, complete with its own hot-tub!

Family Glamping

Treehouse Hotels

Yes, a treehouse, in a tree, deep in a forest! But fear not, climbing up rope ladders will not be necessary! Release your inner-child with treehouses big enough to swing serval cats in. Canopy & Stars offer the must swoon-worthy stays possible. The Milandes Treehouse located in Bergerac, France trumps them all. Modelled after a traditional French château, the mystical, magical castle in the trees is an architectural triumph if nothing else. Superb cuisine, a pool, and total serenity in the treetops makes this a bucket list must!

Treehouse family holiday


Sailing Holidays

Why not set sail this season on a luxury boating holiday that will make a sea captain and first mates of you yet. Nautical themed pashmina afghans at the ready! Britain and Europe have a range of locations that accommodate anyone from the beginner to the experienced sailor. Flotilla Sailing Company in the Greek islands let you explore its turquoise blue waters in blissful serenity! Their philosophy is simple - the opportunity to meander around the beautiful Greek Islands in the comfort of your own yacht, what more could you ask for?

Family Sailing Holiday

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