We've reached out to April Hutchinson, editor of TTG Luxury to ask her about her favourite holiday destinations.

IMG_3723 Venice Beach - LA


First up, what’s your favourite beach? The pure-white one at Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos – it never ceased to amaze me how beautiful and peaceful it was there. I studied in Bournemouth many years ago, so somewhere like Sandbanks has always had a place in my heart. I also loved LA's Venice Beach LA – it's so iconic and seem to go on for miles! A cycle tour is a good way to explore that area too, including the Venice Canals historical district

IMG_6705 Kas - Turkey
  • What makes the perfect getaway for you? Great company, friendly locals, epic sunsets, a stumbled-upon bar, cheeky shopping trips hunting out local treasures (you would not believe how many Peshtemal /Turkish towels I purchased in Kas last year).
  • Where is the most exotic destination you’ve visited? Well, I've been to North Korea; does that count?! Probably Cambodia though – I defy anyone to not fall in love with it. And Japan is about as 'worlds-apart' as you can get. The beaches in Seychelles are also incredible and the Creole people so stunning.
  • Which 3 words best describe your holiday style? Lazy, foodie, fun
  • What three activities would you recommend on holiday and where?I love the Grand Palace in Bangkok for sheer sparkle and spirituality in the same spot; coupled with a beach trip to deserted Khao Lak (stay at The Sarojin). Amsterdam bike rides around sleepy canals. And walking in Tasmania – that place makes you really feel at one with nature. Can I have one more – any safari! The more people appreciate the vast but fragile beauty of Africa, the better in my book. 
IMG_4845 Greek islands
  • What 3 things are on your ‘must-pack’ list? I go to all sorts of places, some city, some remote, some resort, so it varies. But I guess I always take a pair of Toms, my Bose noise-cancelling headphones for any flight (they're all so noisy!!!!), a straw hat of any kind (well, if sunny of course) and iPad (love to play my music when I get somewhere, or things to watch in case of delays!)
  • What’s on your holiday reading list? I've always got a backlog of Sunday supplements, need to crack on with Americanah, and I love a good crime/detective story (Robert Godard and Jo Nesbo usually fit the bill)
  • What are your beach bag must-haves? Ray-Bans, headphones, Eurax (I get a lot of rashes and bites!), Evian facial mist (I'm also not great in the heat!)
  • Bucket list destinations – go! Borneo, Bhutan, Burma, Botswana, Bali – I call them my 'Big five B's'. Despite being in travel 20+ years, I've never been to any of them. And New Zealand of course
IMG_3929 Parrot Cay - Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Which holiday sticks in your mind as truly special? Any of the 10 Ibiza holidays I've had over the years. My first trip to Thailand was pretty awesome and again Cambodia – I didn't want to leave, but it's also an immensely sad place in some ways too, so I guess it haunts me in a way. 
  • What was your best holiday? My first ever trip with friends backpacking in the Greek islands – I've loved them ever since
  • Finally, when you get home, what are the signs you’ve been on a successful trip? A tan! (sorry – I do practice safe tanning…). And those excellent local purchases….