We’ve gone a bit baby crazy this month as we launch our new Baby section. With our range of sun safe swimwear available in baby sizes, we’ve searched high and low (and even through the unruly bathroom cabinet) to give you our pick of the brands that have got baby-friendly just right….

1. Cowshed

Cowshed is already a firm staple in our own wash bag, and their Baby Cow range is perfect for pampering your little one. We love the Baby Cow Organics Hair and Body Wash, a little tube of all-natural organic goodness that will get baby clean and sweet-smelling. It’s soothing formula contains no nasties and delicately cleanses baby's hair and skin so bathtime will never be a thing to dread.

Cowshed baby luxury products


2. Numero 74

Although it can be tempting to reach for the nearest pot of paint in pastel blue or pink, we think baby deserves a room that’s just as stylish as the rest of the house. Numero 74 is an Italian brand whose collection of unique handmade furniture pieces and decorations help create the perfect dream-world. They also have a gorgeous bedding range that uses high-quality fabric for a super-soft, comfortable sleep.

Numero 72 Sunuva approved


3. Plum Organics

Eating healthily is important at all ages, but perhaps never more so than in the early years. Plum Organics’ range of baby food has everything you need to ensure baby has a varied and balanced diet, without the compromise on taste. Best of all, grow with baby through the toddler stage and into the school years, so you’ve always got dinner covered no matter how busy you are.

Plum Organics Sunuva approved baby luxury productshttps://www.plumorganics.com/

4. Nameberry

So you’ve got the spare room converted and enough cuddly toys to rival Hamley’s collection, but there’s a minor detail that’s been overlooked - the name, of course! You’re going to need to find something to call baby that’s as special as they are, and luckily Nameberry.com has a list of unique baby names to inspire that all-important choice. We like Risa for a girl and hope Darcy will be making a comeback for boys!

Nameberry baby names


So there we have it - some of our favourite baby brands to keep your little one pampered, fed and named, using only the most baby-friendly products. Now when you do get that rare little bit of sleep, it’ll be all the more peaceful!