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It comes as no surprise that the beach is one of the vital ingredients to a brilliant family getaway. But apart from sandy toes, enviable instagrams and happy kids, the beach can also offer inspiration when it comes to the all-important naming of a new arrival. We caught up with baby name experts, Nameberry, to get the latest on this trend:

The ocean’s influence can be found in the latest and coolest baby names, both unusual and traditional. Whether it’s the sandy dunes off the shore, the seaweed that washes up in the waves, or even the ancient gods and goddesses who controlled the seas, these fresh new baby names all allude to the extraordinary appeal of the coast. Here are a few of the coolest new beach-inspired baby names:

Beach - This name, which can work for boys or girls, could be an evocative choice for hard-core beach lovers…or pay homage to The Beach Boys!

Cordelia - Meaning “daughter of the sea,” Cordelia is most famous as the name of the king’s youngest and favorite daughter in Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear. And it gives modern parents the options of using the buttoned-up Cordelia or the friendlier short forms, Cora, Delia, Lia, or Cory.

Dune - A unisex name! Dune can also allude to the science-fiction franchise stemming from Frank Herbert’s 1965 cult novel.

Dylan - A Welsh name meaning “son of the sea”, Dylan was a god of the sea who made the oceans of Ireland and Britain cry when he died. Parents may find more modern references in Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas or musician, Bob Dylan. Though used for both sexes, Dylan is much more popular for boys. Dillon is an alternate spelling.

Guinevere - Along with its modern forms, Jennifer and Jenna, Guinevere means "white wave" and may make an elegant beach-related choice.

Irving - This Scottish name meaning “green river, sea friend” was last popular a century ago – which may mean it’s time for a comeback. A notable bearer is composer, Irving Berlin.

Kai - A multi-cultural name! In Hawaiian it means “sea”, but in Japanese “forgiveness”, in Navajo “willow tree” and in Scandinavian “earth.”

Maren - Latin for “sea,” Maren may be thought of as a twenty-first-century spin on Mary. Can also be spelled Marin, after the coastal Californian county north of San Francisco.

Moanna - Hawaiian, meaning “ocean.” In the 2006 dark fantasy film, Pan’s Labyrinth, Moanna was the name of a Spanish princess.

Morgan - This Welsh name means “circle; sea”. Though a common name for boys in Wales, Morgan is more popular as a female name in the U.S.

Muriel - This Irish name, meaning “of the bright sea”, is a so-far-out-it’s-in choice, if your taste runs to forgotten vintage choices.

Murphy -  Murphy, which means “sea warrior”, is one of the most common surnames in Ireland, perfectly adaptable to a first.

Neptune - Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. Though rarely heard for human babies, that could change with the new fashion for mythological names.

Nerissa and Nerida - Both Greek names meaning “of the sea” and “sea nymph; mermaid” are possible replacements for Melissa or Marisa. In Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, Nerissa was Portia’s witty confidante.

Nori - Until Kim and Kanye announced this would be the nickname of their newborn daughter North, Nori was best known as the Japanese word for “seaweed”, known to most Americans as a sushi wrap.

Obama - The surname of America’s current president is Kenyan, but Obama is also a Japanese surname and place name meaning “little beach.”

Oceana - Oceana is the Greek word for “ocean”. Derived from the name of the Titan god Oceanus, the variant Oceane is popular for girls in France.

Pelagia - A Greek name meaning “the sea”, the unusual Pelagia was the name of several saints.

Ronan - The name of twelve Irish and Scottish saints, Ronan means “little seal”. Ronan is growing in popularity in the US and is a Top 50 name in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Thalassa - Thalassa refers to the Greek goddess of the Mediterranean Sea. In 1991, the newly discovered moon of Neptune was named Thalassa.

Ula - A Celtic name meaning “gem of the sea”, Ula belongs to the unusual U-starting sisterhood of names.