With the summer holidays firmly on the horizon ‘tis the season of the big, dreaded P (that’s planning in case you were wondering). An extensive itinerary is being compiled, the beach is the only topic of conversation at the breakfast table and boastful Facebook statues are on the tip of your fingers. But hang on, isn’t there one minor detail that’s all too often overlooked? The luggage, of course. And we’re not talking a battered old thing that resides in the loft, no. Step inside the world of luxury travel luggage, crafted with such detail that you’ll want it displayed for 365 days a year. We've compiled our top luggage picks that truly capture the essence of jet-setting.

The Historical One - Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Sunuva approved

“A piece of Vuitton luggage is made to carry beautiful things...They are scattered to the four corners of the globe. Some sleep in attics, others are in museums, others are still travelling.”  P. L. Vuitton.

161 years since its inception, Louis Vuitton luggage has become the little black dress of any discerning globe-trotter. The monogrammed cases are the essence of chic travel, but they are not simply a holiday fling - oh, no. A Louis Vuitton piece is a commitment, an investment in the longevity of this iconic brand. As for packing etiquette - fashion blogger, Sandra Bauknecht has the masterclass in the fine art of packing a Vuitton - showing that there really is room for everything in an LV.

The Practical One - Rimowa

Rimowa sunuva approved

Handmade meets high-tech and of course, wheels! Using a thin stylish aluminium finish on the outside and innovative technical design in all its components, Rimowa luggage is as light as a feather even if packed tight. Known as “The Original with the Grooves”, the brand’s classic yet distinctive look screams of the golden era of Hollywood glamour. Art-deco symmetry echoes 1920s style and its gliding ease ensures a breezy journey.

The Glamorous One - Anya Hindmarch

Sunuva approved Anya Hindmarch

Can you guess why we love this one? Neon features heavily in Anya Hindmarch's newest accessory collection, created for on and off the plane. Having been a design consultant for British Airways first class amenity kits for 7 years, as well as designing the Oscar and BAFTA gift bags since 2006, Hinmarch certainly knows a thing or two about stylish baggage. The pieces are completed with quirky names from “Beauty Secrets” to “Lotions and Potions Pouch” - keeping any jetsetter fabulously organised.

The Best of Both One - Victorinox

Victorinox Sunuva approved

From the innovative Scandinavian designers that pioneered the original Swiss Army Knife, the Victorinox luggage line is as pragmatic and truly believes the journey should be just as glamorous as the destination. Created for business and pleasure, the luxury cases are engineered to endure a lifetime of travelling. This is the luggage that takes you from presenting in Helsinki before joining the family in Ibiza, a trusty companion for whatever the plan.

The Kids One - Kanken

Kanken sunuva approved

Fjallraven Kanken was originally a backpack designed in the ‘70s for Swedish children. Recently, Kanken has been revamped and relaunched for kids and adults alike. With a range of bold and pastel colours in sizes mini to large, even the pickiest of little ones will be pleased. The popping colours and functionality is perfect for wandering around the world with.

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