I have just returned from a fabulous trip to India to source fabrics and get inspiration for our 2014 collections.
It is 45 degrees in Delhi, definitely the hottest place I've ever been, especially when you are spending all day in the busy markets! I was the only person drinking bottled water and I even had an Evian cooling spray which I was using constantly –the man selling pom poms in the market thought it was hilarious. I even gave him a spray!

The range of fabrics and trims available in the markets is incredible, with a wonderful array of colours. I was like a kid in a candy store picking things out! Definitely the best shopping experience and very inspiring.

I visited the factory where our cotton clothes are made; it was great to see how lovely it is. I thought it would mostly be women in there, but actually it is mainly men on the sewing machines with the women finishing the garments.

The food is fantastic, most people lose weight when they come to India (through the heat or a case of the dreaded Delhi- belly) I've actually put on about 3kg in three days. We are constantly stopping to eat and ordering a bit of everything. I’m particularly enjoying the mango kulfi, the Indian ice-cream. It is mango season at the moment so the perfect time to visit!

It gets so hot in Delhi that the power goes off all the time all over the city. I was told it was even too hot for the beggars to be in the city, and I did only see two the whole time I was there.  I travelled mainly by rickshaw which was a great way to get around but they drive so fast and down the wrong side of the road that you have to close your eyes or you would have a heart attack!

I stayed in the Imperial Hotel which was fabulous. I was treated like royalty. It was the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in. Buyers from load of the big British and International brands were also there and doing their research in the local markets, the same as me – there was a great community feeling, we were all chatting about the things we had found!

It was a fabulous trip – full of many ideas and inspirations!

Love Emily
(Sunuva Co-Founder)