After our short stop over in Delhi, my mum and I set off on the second part of our Indian adventure - catching a flight to the beautiful city of Jodhpur.  It is known as the blue city because most of the houses are painted in a lovely sky blue colour, as it keeps them cooler in the summer when temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees!

We are very lucky to be staying in a fabulous hotel that overlooks this stunning ancient fort, it is incredibly beautiful and such a fantastic thing to see first thing in the morning!

We walked up the narrow windy streets towards the 16th century Maharajah's palace at the top of the hill,  it was breath taking. The streets are full of noise, with cows, motorbikes (with sometimes 4 people piled on) rickshaws and tons of people. The colours are incredible - bright coloured saris, colourful shutters and buildings, all under an electric blue, cloudless sky.

Walking through the old city its a feast for the senses - brightly coloured shops and stalls, painted walls, gorgeous textiles, different noises and a mix of smells -  deep fried desserts, spices and incense. It's Eid, so the noise is totally exaggerated with prayers in Mosques on super loud volume, fire-crackers and huge processions down the very narrow streets. It's really fantastic here!

 We are leaving tomorrow for rural Rajasthan where we will be staying in a tented nature reserve which is a 3 hour drive into dessert!

Love Emily
(Sunuva Co-Founder)