We were sad to leave Jodphur as it was such a gorgeous city but both my mum and I were very excited about the next stage of our trip. We were off to stay in a luxury tent in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve!

We drove for about 3 hours south from Jodphur to a very rural part of Rajasthan.  When we arrived at our nature reserve camp, Chatra Sagar, we were delighted to see that it was a beautiful lush green oasis. There were eight tents, all beautifully hand painted inside and perched on top of a dam over looking the most amazing wildlife - white flamingos, pelicans, stalks, herons, wild boars and deer. They have over 200 species of birds here.  Our meals were made by the local villagers and were absolutely incredible!

Surrounding the camp are old villages,  predominantly occupied by farmers and shepherds who live a self contained and harmonious life which has hardly changed at all in the last century. You can see bowls being made and painted by hand and silver being hammered and made into jewellery. There are always gorgeous kids smiling at you and the most incredible colours of saris and turbans I have ever seen.

I have absolutely loved every minute here. A visit to these villages helps you to understand traditional rural Rajasthani life. Sadly we leave tomorrow. We will drive for 200 km to Narlai, another beautiful spot in the foothills to see some very old temples and to stay in a 17th century fort. Very Exciting!

Love Emily
(Sunuva Co-Founder)