We have now arrived in Narlai after a three hour drive through the gorgeous, unspoilt countryside. It is a very old part of rural Rajasthan where the villages and village life have remained totally untouched for centuries. Wild boars, pigs and cows roam the streets and the women wear fantastically bright coloured saris. My mum and I are having a wondefrful time just walking around and exploring the local area.

This is the area of all the old Jain temples and the most famous one of all is the Ranakpur temple.  We visited it and I was astounded by how beautiful it is (as you can see from these pictures).

There are the most amazing carvings all over the outside and inside of the temple, there are thousands of columns all over and each on is completely unique. The Kama Sutra columns were especially eye-opening!

We had to climb 750 steps up the rock to get to the top of the temple to see this gorgeous white elephant statue. It was worth it for the breathtaking view!


Love Emily
(Sunuva Co-Founder)