We left Narlai and travelled for about four hours by car through the streets of Rajasthan. The only way I can describe it all is as a sensory overload on every level! The colours here are incredible - all the saris and turbans here are fluorescent pinks and corals.  Pigs and cows rule the streets and the delicious sweet smell of Indian food and curry hovers in the air. The sound of  bells and the constant hum of prayer wafts along wrapped in the smell of incense and sandal wood. I absolutely love everything about this place. Hail Rajasthan!

We are now in Devi Gargh and  honestly, I didn't think it could get even more amazing!  We are staying in this  incredible property -  a 17th century fort converted into an uber-chic boutique hotel.  We are surrounded by colourful villages, mountains, music and bright green fields of crops - it is beyond beautiful. I feel like we are in heaven!

It is completely unspoilt - as it would have been 400 years ago. There are water wells in the village and men walking up and down the fields with horned cows pulling water to irrigate the crops. When we were wondering around the locals kept inviting us in for tea and they are fascinated with seeing photos of themselves on my camera screen.

We are just outside of Udaipur, also know as the City of Lakes and are spending the day there tomorrow, which we are very excited about.

Love Emily
(Sunuva Co-Founder)