Today is our last day. We can't quite believe our Indian adventure is coming to an end, My mum and I have had such a wonderful time travelling together. It really has been the trip of a lifetime.

Today we went into the city of Udaipur (also known as the City of the Lakes). Given how idyllic and fabulous the rest of the trip has been we were a little bit disappointed to find that it had a totally different vibe from all the other places we have visited in Rajasthan. It felt much more touristy. I think we have got very used to our rural village retreats!

We did go to visit the Royal Palace, which was incredibly beautiful, and we did a bit of shopping but in the evening we were very happy to escape back to the divine Devi Gargh  - our little slice of heaven in the hills.

We are spending our last evening by each having a massage and enjoying the delicious food. Most people say they loose weight in India, but we have not stopped eating. I literally feel like ten ton Tessie! For our dessert last night they made us the most amazing fresh rose petal ice cream. We are having one last helping of it tonight before leaving at 5 am tomorrow morning to catch our plane.

It has been such a fantastic trip. I adore India and being able to explore beautiful Rajesthan with my mum has been so special. We have been able to stay in fantastic places and feel so privileged to have been able to discover some of the hidden areas of this incredible Country. I would like to thank Audley Travel, the bespoke holiday and tour planners, who we booked this trip with. I know we would not have discovered even half of these amazing places without them!

Love Emily
(Sunuva Co-Founder)