Emily’s Top Ten Travel Essentials

I love to travel and I love flying especially on my own! It’s great to be out of contact and offline for a few hours. Of course, I am also lucky enough to travel regularly with my family and our last holiday was to the Dominican Republic at Christmas for a week. My son and Husband learnt Kite surfing, while my daughter and I were lazy and enjoyed the sunshine. We had some fun adventures and went hiking and paddle boarding most mornings.  

We are definitely intrepid travellers and we would always choose to be climbing up a volcano, zip-lining through jungles, exploring villages, and trying new foods together. My kids are into all the extreme water sports so the crazier the better! Some of our favourite trips have been to Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, and a tented Savannah Safari. 

With all this travel and with years of practice, I have perfected my top travel essentials that I always pack and ensure I take with me. 

  1. Coola 30 spf Sun Spray in Pina Colada – I am very particular about the sun protection products I use. This is my favourite body spray as it’s super easy to apply and smells delicious!
  2. Institut Estederm – This provides high protection for your face. I absolutely love this product, it’s really good quality and I find it highly protective and deeply moisturising for the face.
  3. Delhi Incense Sticks by Atelier De Balthus – They come with me everywhere! This smell is just gorgeous, I burn the sticks all day at home, and whether I am going away for two days or two weeks will always take some with me. They’re also much easier to pack than a travel candle.
  4.  A Good Book – I love reading on holiday, I don’t get around to reading much in London. The last book I read which I can’t recommend highly enough is Stanley Tucci My Life through Food. 
  5.  Finlay Sunglasses – My new favourite brand of sunglasses! They do great shades in a variety of lovely colours and are very good value.
  6. I Always Travel With My Tea! – I drink a lot of herbal tea, especially on the plane. So I always make sure to pack some. My absolute favourite is Pukka Three Cinnamon tea.
  7. Sunuva Wash Bags – They come with me almost everywhere I go, I have a big collection of them! I particularly like the waterproof lining and pockets. Shop Here
  8. Dior Lip Maximiser – I always have one of these in my bag. It’s a clear gloss that I find deeply moisturising especially on the plane or in drier weather.

  9. Finlay Reading Glasses – I can’t go anywhere without my reading glasses! I have a new pair from Finlay which I absolutely love.
  10. My IPad – This is a must on holiday, especially for the journeys. I love binge-watching a series on the plane as I don’t get much time to do that at home. I just watched the entire series of The Girl Fron Oslo on Netflix and loved it. Highly recommend!

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