There’s no denying that we love a good hotel room. The crisp white sheets, the super soft slippers and the readily available Pinot Noir is pure perfection. But throw in a toothing baby, a tired toddler or a self assembled cot and the glamour-o-metre can hit 0. So we got the scoop from boutique hotel experts, Mypootle, on what makes the ultimate family friendly luxury hotel.

Get picky

It may sound blindly obvious, but choose a hotel that specifically states it caters for families and children. That party pad with the hot-tub may have looked ultra-cool a few months ago, but if your toddler throws a tantrum or needs warm milk at the end of the day, you’ll be far more chilled knowing that you’re somewhere catered for.

Research your location

Get familiar with your surroundings, are you within walking distance to those must-see attractions, are the transport links suitable for buggies, are you close to a playground and most importantly - where’s the nearest beach?!

Family boutique hotel

Nothing like a list

Make a list of the things you need – highchair, cot, kids’ meals, babysitting or listening service, gardens and play areas, crèche, pool - and then check if they are provided free of charge, if there is a charge then maybe the hotel isn’t as baby friendly as you thought.


Double-check the smaller details. Is there room to swing a cat, or not enough to put up a cot? Do rooms come with that tempting little minibar or even better a kitchenette for those pre-dinner snacks. Check the bathroom comes with a bath and if you are staying for a long time, how expensive is the laundry service.

Foodie fun

If the kids aren’t keen on the exotic offerings, is there a child menu available throughout the day? Will they warm food or milk at odd hours only a restless baby could have chosen!

family boutique hotel

Breathing space

A brilliant kids’ club or crèche can provide a much-needed respite. And a chilled spa can take you into another stratosphere of relaxation - we can almost smell that lavender oil…