Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) begins at midnight on October 31st. It is a colourful carnival where families celebrate the lives of their departed family members, leaving gifts of food and drink for the spirits, and make brightly decorated sugar skulls to honour them. The powerful art of Mexico was what inspired our boys Surf Skull collection.

mexico 1


Halloween was introduced to India very recently, but has caught on very quickly! Restaurants and bars host big, beautiful parties, where guests dress up in their finest clothes or elaborate costumes and celebrate into small hours. Indian Block print from our 2017 collection is a perfect fit for an elegant Indian party!

india halloween


Halloween has become a huge phenomenon in the US, where dressing up and trick or treating is extremely popular. We think our Pop Star print would be a perfect look, as unlike in Europe, fancy dress is typically based around celebrities and popular culture.

pop star halloween


Japanese Blossom was inspired by traditional prints and bright colours from Japan. In recent years, Halloween has become very popular in Japan, and dressing up in “cosplay” (film or manga character costumes) or other elaborate costumes is now common. However, the Japanese have not embraced the tradition of trick or treating, as they have a strong sense of “meiwaku” (not wanting to bother others). Instead, children play trick or treat in school to be given sweets by their teachers.


japan halloween