It’s official - holidays improve tenfold when our oh-em-gee-too-cute-to-handle pets can get involved. And incase you hadn’t heard, Halloween is fast becoming the new Christmas. Because let’s face it, with crisp amber leaves, vampires galore, and cosy pumpkin-spiced lattes a plenty, we can hardly resist Halloween’s grisly allure.

So we’ve spent even longer than usual on Instagram (it’s a hard life!), thumb tapping and endlessly scrolling our way through the best pets’ Halloween outfits ever - and we do mean ever!

Liar, liar

Turn your little pooch into a ferocious, and oh so intimidating lion with a hairpiece that even Mufasa will covet.

Say cheese

Your cat will love (/hate) you even more than it already does with an oversized bow - caution may cause moodiness levels unseen since Grumpy Cat.

Any fries with that?

What’s better than a dog? Well, a dog in a hot dog, obviously. So scrumptious we could eat him!

Parisian pooch

C’est chic! The struggle is real when your designer dog is more glamorous than you are…

We'll take 3

Teddy or dog? It’s hard to tell when throwing it back to loveable ‘TY’ toys of the ‘90s.