Hello from India! A look at our design process, production and factory family

In January of this year our co-founder Emily went to visit our Cottons Factory in Nehru Place, India. We have been working with the same Factory since the beginning of Sunuva, 15 years in fact! We consider them our Family and it’s always so special when we get to visit them in person. We love being able to share more of the design and creation process at Sunuva. Plus a snippet of what goes on behind the scenes and over seas! While in India Emily was able to take a look and choose new fabrics while also getting inspiration for future collections.  


The bright colours, gorgeous neons, and authentic premium Indian Cottons all inspire our collections and prints for our Cotton ranges. Emily took the opportunity to take a look at all the new fabric samples and pieces to inspire our future collections. Can you spy our gorgeous Jacquard Green Beach Bag fabric? She was particularly inspired by their new Stripes & Gingham samples which may make future beachwear or bags! 


All of our collections are designed in detail right down to the stitching and trims. Our design team in London do an amazing job of taking Emily & Sabrina’s vision and making them come to life. During this trip Emily was able to choose and get new inspiration for pom pom colours and trim fabrics ready to complete our new cotton designs.  


You may not know that the gorgeous stitching detail on our dresses and beachwear are all completed by hand! Watching our dresses being hand stitched and completed really shows how much detail and love goes into our final pieces. It adds a unique finish to each Dress and ensures everything is perfect. We love being able to get involved with the creation process and seeing our gorgeous designs come to life. The team in our factory are super talented and put so much care and attention into each individual piece. 

It’s always so special being able to see our Factory Family in person and being able to immerse in the colours, culture, and excitement of India. Nehru Place is very special to Emily and Sunuva and is a second home after 15 years of visiting!