travey ann

Where did you go on your last holiday?
. It’s the perfect mixture of laid back eco beaches, historical sites and incredible scenery.

What are your five must have travel pieces? 

Melissa Obadash sun hat (or Primark did a very  good copy last S7601summer). Hamptons sunscreen particularly the factor 70 for kids, maximum coverage light texture and easy spray ,a good book, a Sunuva beach bag sturdy, looks good fits everything and my well worn  black satin  L'Agence  spaghetti strap dress ( perfect day to night wear.

What is your favourite beauty must have?

Charlotte Tilbury Film star shade and glow -and aromatherapy associates deep relax bath oil.



What’s your favourite city and why?

So boring to say, but at the moment I’d probably say London. I have travelled for work so much this year and whenever I’m back, I’m amazed by the by the culture, restaurants, galleries and events. The city just hums with energy from Shoreditch to Mayfair. Working in the West End on stage every night also affords a great insight into the after-hours nightlife too!

Best spot to take kids to?

My 10-year-old is a spider monkey. She climbs everything. We take her on the Heath most weekends and she has a special climbing tree that she's been climbing since she was very little. It thrills her at how high she can climb. Her parents, on the other hand, are hyperventilating in fear!

Unknown-2 Tracy Ann Oberman's daughter Anoushka in Sunuva's Ikat swimsuit.

Best tip for keeping kids happy on holiday?

A pool, a friend and bungee jumping on the beach as the sun goes down.

Which Sunuva looks will your daughter, Anoushka be wearing on her next holiday?

She is going to be rocking the Ikat range.

ikat range

How do you relax? 

Long bath whilst reading a good book, walking the dog and Pilates once a week.

What are you reading right now? 

Margret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last.

Tell us about a great little place you know…

Best Indian in London 'Curry Paradise' South End Green. ( but don't tell anyone we'll never get a table again). And Viola-Connaught Street, a hidden gem of a boutique run by my lovely friend Sara.