Here is how Sunuva have been working through it all...


How has working from home due to COVID-19 affected you?

E: It is a very big adjustment with the lack of daily personal interaction and something which continues to be a big challenge. We are very reliant on Zoom and video calls and have done many meetings over the last few months either in the garden or socially distanced.

What is your work from home routine? How do you keep yourself motivated?

S: The school run was difficult working from the office but that’s how my day starts now, followed by a quick workout and I’m ready to go by 9.30am. Other than the afternoon pick up that’s really the only structure I have. The rest is working around whatever the day throws at me. It took me a little while to re-motivate myself after changes that the last lockdown brought, but now I have adjusted to the new flexibility and the juggle.

How have you managed to juggle remote working and home schooling?

E: The first lock down was particularly challenging for us as we literally had no Wi-Fi. After countless calls to BT we resigned ourselves to a Wi-Fi box which we had to purchase and all share. Not easy when two parents need zoom calls and emails and both kids need on line schooling all day. We managed to survive that challenge, and still be able to have dinner at the end of day as a family (not sure how).

Lock down for the kids and the lack of school social interaction was extremely difficult. It was less of a juggle and more of a challenge to try and get the kids to focus all day in their bedrooms staring at screens, really not ideal for any age kid. My 15 and 13 year olds really found it hard.

Now the kids are back at school it’s also challenging as new COVID-19 cases constantly pop up and kids being sent home to isolate as teachers and pupils are tested positive.

What does the new lockdown announcement mean for Sunuva?

S: The last lockdown was really tough for us and we were hit hard. We are a very different business now and we’ve been working to adapt. So as far as our customer is concerned we hope it is business as usual. And of course we work hard to protect our team and our customer with COVID-19 measures such as quarantining returns before they are restocked and working from home. Zoom has been a godsend!

What does the future look like for Sunuva, will you be releasing a new collection?

E: We are very excited to be launching a brand new collection in time for Spring/Summer 2021. It should be available from March/April!

Where are you looking forward travelling to once the lockdown eases?

E: ANYWHERE! Although we were very lucky and did go away for a few days over half term. We went to Santorini as all the quarantine rules had been lifted for UK tourist to visit the Island. It’s a stunning place and we felt very privileged to see it without the hordes of tourist which are usually visiting. It was a joy to be away.