Marte Frisnes interview

Hailing from a small island off the Norwegian west coast, Marte Frisnes is certainly familiar with scouting the beach for special little treasures. And with this penchant for trinkets, Marte Frisnes Jewellery was born, with each trip she takes influencing the details of her designs and materials. We caught up with Marte to chat life on the beach and her holiday style.

First up, what’s your favourite beach?

Oh, it's impossible to only have one favourite beach! The beach is my happy place so there needs to be a bit of diversity. I love the Welsh beaches in the winter for their raw bleakness, for walking and exploring. Tulum beach is beautiful and fun, with a variety of people, places, margaritas, kit surfers and happy dogs. In Europe I think Playa Iletes on Formerntera is magical and the water is crystal clear. Whitsunday beach in Australia is stunning, exotic and remote.

What makes the perfect getaway for your family?

A place that has a bit to offer everyone in the family, mainly a great beach or pool for the kids, good restaurants (we all really love good food!), a bit of shopping, perhaps some tennis, minigolf or crab fishing so the whole family can join in.

marte frisnes interview

Where is the most kid-friendly destination you’ve visited?

We went to Borgo Egnazio in Puglia this summer and our kids loved it! The pools are great,kids club so good – and its gorgeous too which make it even better!

Which 3 words best describe your holiday style?

Casual, colourful and filled with old favourites. I like linen, tassels, prints and use JCrew t-shirts and Isabel Marant skirts as my basis.

Any tips for keeping kids happy on the plane?

We like old fashion card games and colouring – but of course the ipad is great for movies and games.

What small things would you be lost without on holiday?

My iPhone. I know its contradicting, you’re meant to leave your phone for a good holiday but I use it to research the local area, maps and not at least for photos. My sketchbook also comes everywhere; you never know when inspiration hits you and you need to take notes whilst it is fresh in your mind.

What’s on your holiday reading list?

‘The hare with the amber eyes’ by Edmund de Waal is one of my past favourites. Holidays with kids aren’t easy so it needs to be something light and easy to pick up as and when so at the moment I’m into Jojo Moyes books.

What are your beach bag must-haves?

Hat and SPF are musts for me. I tan really easy and since having my two girls I have really struggled with pigmentation in my face. So its SPF70 and a hat for me all day long, I like Neutrogena for my face and Clarins for body. We also bring a little ‘first aid’ kit with jellyfish burn cream, band aids, pain killers etc – there always seems to be someone who needs them. Plus a nice beach dress and jewellery of course!

Bucket list destinations – go!

Peru, Iceland, Namibia, Zanzibar, Vietnam, Japan, Uruguay, Canada… shall I go on?

Which holiday sticks in your mind as truly special?

We rarely have a bad trip so its hard to say… Rio was beautiful and fun, and we had a few weeks in Rajasthan a few years ago that were intense and mind-blowingly beautiful. Greece has a special place in my heart and all our trips there are special for different reasons.

Finally, when you get home, what are the signs you’ve been on a successful trip?

When I’m crying and laughing whilst unpacking and dying to go back!

marte frisnes