What’s your top destination for a family adventure?

Any road trip across America.. I’ve done a couple, across the North Western States and then also Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.. I never underestimate what a wilderness America is, with some of the most startling landscapes possible, as if nature has gone crazy on itself. The key is to mix up rattling along in a dusty RV and cook-outs in the open, with stays at places like Amangiri.. It’s the dream.

In your opinion what’s the best family hotel?

Borgo Egnazia and Anassa are brilliant for little ones, but as mine have got older we’ve been more adventurous. We just returned from a trip around Rajasthan and I have to say Umaid Bhawan in Jodphur was off the chart. Peacocks eating out of your hand at breakfast, trumpeters and horses heralding your arrival, perfumers making special smells for you, a portrait with eyes that follow you around the room, and the most brilliant staff. Plus, the Maharaja still lives there.. a king in his palace.  It’s just perfect.


My travel must-haves are…

My I-phone. It turns out, if needs must, I can edit a magazine on my iphone.

Bucket list destinations – go

The Arctic. I want to go on a cruise around the fjords with my husband, vodka in hand, blanket on knee, and stare at ice.


My favourite beauty product is…

Le Roche Posay does the best suncream. It’s the one I trust absolutely to protect my girls skin..


What’s your favourite city and why?

New York, New York, New York.. New York is like a sucker-punch to the heart. In a good way.


Tell us about a great little place you know…

The Angelsea pub in Shepherds Bush. Round the corner from where I live. It’s a proper wood-pannelled pub with an outside pavement that is gold-dust on a hot sunny English day. It hasn’t been chintzed, the food is fantastic, it makes me happy just to think of a pint of cider waiting for me in the Angelsea.


What inspires you?

Smell, touch, sight, sound, light, literature.. Mostly light! I am obsessed with light.. I once went to Oman with my eldest daughter on the spur of the moment just because my craving for light got so bad.. When we turned up at the airport she didn’t even know where we were going. Listen, if you need light in the depths of winter go to Oman.. Stare at the light on the rocks.. It will make you feel entirely better inside.