The beach is your catwalk! What a style inspiring week it’s been with the glitz and glam of Paris Fashion Week. From playful motifs to real life mermaids – this season we’ve just about seen it all. What better way to commemorate the end of an epic week than to highlight some of our favourite mini fashionistas using #SunuvaSnap to turn Instagram cute levels up a notch!

Clementine, @_dangkhanh

Life’s too short for boring swimsuits and regular sized sunnies! Clementine goes super-sweet and super-sized in her Beach Bum Swimsuit.


Alexandros, @babyalexandros

From catwalk to beachwalk, little Alexandros has ‘em eating out of his claw in his Lobster Floatsuit!


Harlow, @harlowlunawhite

Talk about the thrill of the frill, beach belle Harlow know hows to rock a serious trend in her Birds of Paradise Swimsuit.


Vidar, @wearingmanyhats

Whoever said only Anna Wintour could pull off the indoor sunglasses look hasn’t seen Vidar looking like a very cool dog in his Hot Dog Swim Shorts.