Cass Chapman beach interview

Cass Chapman is the founder of, a website dedicated to where to stay, eat and play with kids across the world. As a food and luxury travel journalist for publications such as Vogue, Elle and The Independent, she has lived in many corners of the globe, from America and Barcelona, to Madrid and Palma. Today she can be found living by the beautiful Dorset coast at Shell Bay with husband, Jamie and daughter, Lola. Cass lets us in on on her favourite beach spots and her travel must-haves.

mallorca deia villas

Where is your favourite beach?

The beach at Deia in Mallorca springs to mind because the water is some of the most magical I've ever swum in but, honestly, I'd have to say the beach at Shell Bay in Dorset where we live. It's where I got engaged, my daughter has grown up playing on it and it faces the sunset.

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday?

Lots of sleep, delicious food, good wine and my family and best friends with me.

Where was your first family holiday with your kids?

We took Lola to Mallorca when she was three months and, though we were nervous - particularly about the flight - it was heavenly. She slept in the shade of the Bougainvillaea and we spent the whole week in a state of happy shock that travelling with a tiny baby could be utterly enjoyable. We haven't stopped travelling with her since.

How do you keep looking chic on holiday?

I'm not so sure I do look that chic on holiday but the right bikini, floaty kaftans and dresses seem to be my staple luggage.

What are your top tips for surviving a long haul flight with your kids?

Stay calm for starters. You can't plan for earache and screaming fits but I think children - especially babies - pick up on all our anxieties so if you're calm they are much more likely to be as well. And failing that - I'm not afraid to whip out the Calpol!

What do you always have in your hand luggage?

Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream, my phone, my diary (I still hand write everything) and wet wipes.

What did you read on your last holiday?  

Honestly, I couldn't tell you! I haven't properly read while on holiday with Lola yet. I do remember loving Diana Athill's memoir, Life Class, which I read in Malaysia when I was pregnant. That really stands out as top holiday reading.

What are your beach bag must haves?

Good suncream (I personally love Clarins), wet wipes (again), Neal's Yard Rose facial oil and hair ties.

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