Francisca Kellett is the Travel Editor at Tatler. She previously worked as Digital Travel Editor at the Telegraph, and spent five years travelling across the globe writing for various glossy magazines and guidebooks. Mother of two girls and an experienced globetrotter, she shares her favourite holiday memories, as well as tips on how she keeps her little ones occupied on long haul flights.

Where is your favourite beach?

The most beautiful beach I've ever seen was on Long Island in the Andaman Islands. We camped beneath the trees and had the place to ourselves. Snorkelling there was like dipping your head in an aquarium. I've also got a weak spot for Pampelonne in St Tropez – fond memories of a misspent youth. And I can never get enough of South Africa's beaches – everything from the posers on Cape Town's Clifton to the wild waves and surfers along the Eastern Cape.

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday?

It used to be adventure and the unknown. Now that I've got small children, my perfect holiday involves a beach, an hour or two of childcare a day and good food. Oh, and rum.

Where was your first family holiday with your kids?

The South of France. It was baking hot and my three-month-old screamed for a week. It was not fun.

How do you keep looking chic on holiday ?

I don't. Flipflops and a kaftan are about as sophisticated as I get. And a big pair of sunglasses. Very important.

What are your top tips for surviving a long haul flight with your kids?

An iPad. Don't attempt anything without an iPad. And pack lots of little snacks. A neat trick is putting some little activities – some stickers, colouring, a tiny pot of Playdoh – in envelopes and letting them open one an hour.

What do you always have in your hand luggage?

A Kindle, lip balm and wet wipes.

What did you read on your last holiday?

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What are your beach bag must haves?

A book and a change of bikini (I hate sitting in a wet one). I like to travel light…