Marina Fogle, Co-Founder of The Bump Class-  London's go to antenatal class for mothers looking for professional, non-judgemental and practical advice.  Marina lives in London with her husband Ben Fogle -writer and adventure seeker, alongside their children Ludo and Iona. She shares her top tips for the perfect family holiday and why Martinhal  has become a firm favourite for family adventures.

What is your favourite beach?

I love the Portuguese Beaches – there are a few in the Algarve that have been spoiled a bit which is why I love the Martinhal so much.  That western tip is a gem that hasn’t been touched by the horrors of mass tourism.  From Martinhal Beach there’s an amazing rock that you can see from the beach which we called Pirate Island and we had endless stories about the Pirates from Pirate Island!

 What is your idea of the perfect holiday?

Somewhere where I can relax because the children are happy.  I don’t really like sticking them in a kids’ club – since I work I relish the time with them but there’s nothing more uncomfortable than a luxury resort that says it’s child friendly but isn’t.

Where was your first family holiday with kids?

To Austria when Iona had just been born.  We rented a house and it was lovely but since I was cooking, cleaning, shopping and preventing my children from drowning in the lake single handedly (Ben was swimming with Crocodiles in Botswana) it was very stressful.  I’ve since learnt that for a holiday to really be a holiday, you need to be realistic about what your duties are!

 How do you keep looking chic on holiday?

I usually buy a few key pieces that I can fling over a bikini that get better with age – ideally a white cotton dress.  And since I’m always barefoot a really good pedicure is essential.

What are your top tips for surviving a long haul flight with your kids?

I took my son to Dubai when he’d just started walking and I was 6 months pregnant and I vowed never again.  I have since though, although I stick to night flights where possible.  I’m strict about how much of the ipad I let them watch as if you let them watch and watch they will suddenly get overtired and then getting them to sleep is a nightmare.  Set your parameters – say they can watch one thing and then it’s bedtime as usual.

 What do you always have in your hand luggage?

Stickers, Mr Men books, snacks.  Best thing is to tell them a good story though so I have a lot of those in my armoury!

 What did you read on your last holiday?

Any Human Heart by William Boyd

 How do you keep the kids entertained on the beach when you want to sunbathe?

The best sunbathing is building sandcastles.

What are your beach bag must haves?

Hats for all the family, with ties underneath the chin so they don’t blow off, factor 50 suncream (Kiehls is the best), sunglasses, heap of Kenyan kikois (much less bulky than a beach towel) and some plastic lizards and insects to ‘live’ in our sandcastles.