Maya Nestelbaum-Guez is a French/Israeli journalist and writer. She has lived in both Paris and Tel-Aviv and was previously the European Correspondent for Globes Business magazine, where she interviewed, amongst others: Yves-Saint Laurent, Brigitte Bardot, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Annie Leibovitz.  Maya's first book is due out later this year. She is currently based in Israel, is married and has a 2 year old boy, Itamar.

Where is your favourite beach?
Herzliya, a city just to the north to Tel-Aviv. I live by the beach in Tel-Aviv but still in the summer we enter the car every day and drive 10 minutes to get there. It's worth it. Michal, my sister in law introduced us to it and it was love at first sight. Michal also goes there  in the winter.

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday?
I love cities while my husband loves islands and beaches. We meet in the middle in resorts where I have my activity and he gets to sit and look at the ocean.

Where was your first family holiday with your kids?
When Itamar was one year old we took him for a one month family vacation. We started in the Bareiss Resort in the German Black Forest (it was our third time there), continued to Paris and then went to Brittany, to a Spa resort called Le Domaine de Rochevillaine.

How do you keep looking chic on holiday?
I make an effort to pack well. I have to admit that even on a one month vacation I know more or less in advance what I am going to wear every evening.

 What are your top tips for surviving a long haul flight with your kids?
We have been lucky - Itamar has slept through all the flights so far! Now he is two years old and loves stickers so I would pack those for our next flight, plus his favourite books, some toys, and hope for the best.

What do you always have in your hand luggage?
A scarf for chilly nights and chilly flights, lip-gloss, a notebook for ideas, a pen and of course, a pacifier for Itamar.

What did you read on your last holiday?
Mostly I write on holidays. These are my moments of inspiration.

How do you keep the kids entertained on the beach when you want to sunbathe?
We don’t sunbathe. My husband is red headed and since we've met, the sun and I are unfortunately no longer friends. I have to admit that Itamar's first beachwear is Sunuva so even if he sits at the sun while playing around on the beach, we are confident he is covered. We put a lot of lotion on his face, palms and feet and let him play. He is a beach boy, so at the beach he is in his zone.

 What are your beach bag must haves?
Sunglasses, sun protection, hats, and water.

 Maya Nestelbaum-Guez has also written a fabulous guide to the beaches of Israel, which you can read here.