My Mexico: Sabrina Naggar

If the monotony of post-Christmas leaves you mentally thumbing through travel brochures in a bid to escape the realities of the real world, then take a leaf out of Sabrina’s well-travelled book and gather the troops for a trip to a place where hippy charm, archaeological relics and powdery white shores sing in perfect unison – Mexico.

With the end of the year approaching, we packed up our brood and headed off to explore the idyllic coastlines and unrelenting prettiness of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Our destination was the seaside town of Tulum; a picture postcard expanse of rustic beaches and good vibes overlooking the Atlantic.

Famil beach

Situated in the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum has something for everyone – from foodies, to history hunters, sun-seekers to detoxers. Tulum is perhaps most famous, though, for being home to the ruins of an ancient Mayan walled city and the last place inhabited by the Mayan people. My husband and I were all ears during our guided tour but the kids were far more interested in forging friendships with the geckos that had made themselves at home there!

Back in Tulum itself, Yoga and freshly pulped juices were the squeeze of the day - a ‘bikini boot-camp’ without the military presence. Everyday there was a new juice to try whilst absorbing the charm of our barefoot luxury surroundings - complete with dream-catchers, artisanal guacamole and beautiful bohemian types swathed in casually elegant beach attire.


But herein lies the real charm of this delectable place – no large resorts! Instead, discreet boutique hotels line the powdery white beaches with suitable amounts of laid-back cool.

We made Sanara, an eco chic hotel and wellness centre, our home for the duration – whose motto ‘space to breathe, heal and be free’ could not have been a truer word spoken.

Bedroom etc

Travelling by bike on specially reserved pathways was an equally enjoyable and leisurely experience which the kids loved. A great way to explore the area.

Bike Maya2

Tulum is a place where food is so fresh you can practically still taste the ocean with every bite. Some recommendations include Cafe Violetta, Hartford and Gitano but Posada Margherita was our favourite - an incredible Italian restaurant on the beach whose focaccia was on-point. Whilst the food was a gastronomic delight, we did make sure we were careful with water consumption, drinking only bottled water to avoid the infamous ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’!


We were in awe of the cenotes which are underground turquoise pools of water complete with awesome stalactites – you just can’t go to Tulum without seeing these.

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Tulum certainly lived up to the reputation that preceded it; the best beaches, grandiose ruins and a vibe so laid back I’m not sure I’m ready to get up just yet…