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Where did you go on your last holiday?

Our last holiday we went to Mykonos during October half term. It’s beautiful there and amazing for photos, Greece has the most beautiful lighting and the bluest skies. It’s my second time there.

What are your suitcase essentials?

I am all for the gadgets and things that make my life easier having children, so I take a few things that help while travelling. I have a really cool hand luggage suitcase for Harlow, which has a scooter attached, it’s great for her to carry her own things around and not have to walk. She has so much fun in the airport scooting around. That’s an essential to have for a child who’s old enough to scoot. For Harlen, he still really likes his sleep, so I have a very cool invention that I take with me for him called a Bedbox. It is made by Jetkids. It is absolutely amazing to lay your baby out for a sleep on the plane. I couldn't have done the last 4-hour flight without it. He’s just too heavy to hold now for the whole duration of his naps. He gets to lay down like he’s in the 1st class! It’s also really simple and quick to set up! Highly recommend.

On our last holiday, the stroller I took with us was a GB Pockit. It’s the world’s smallest stroller. I was able to push Harlen onto the plane right to our seat, then fold it up and place it in the overhead compartments. That was really handy, as it's difficult to carry a baby through to the back of the plane, whilst carrying all your bags at the same time.


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What’s your favourite city and why? 

 My most favourite place to take the children is undoubtedly Dubai! It is just fantastic for children, there is so much to do and there’s never enough time to fit it all in! Everywhere is child-friendly too. It’s Harlow’s favourite place to go, she is always asking me ‘when are we going back to Dub
ai mummy?’. I try and go as often as I can, sometimes 3 times a year, but we have only managed to get over there once this year.  Most of the hotels have great children’s pools, which are separate from the main pools. There are also several water parks and splash parks especially designed for the little ones. We always go to this place called Splash n Party, which is a water play park with lots of music and entertainment. It’s basically a children’s pool party. Not a lot of tourists know about it as its more of a local’s place to go, but it’s well worth a visit and so much fun for them! 

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How do you look after your skin whilst away and teach your kids about sun protection?

I use an amazing product on the children and myself called Sunforgettable, which is made by a brand called Colorescience. It’s a loose mineral powder which is attached to a brush. I just brush it over their faces, back of neck and ears. It’s really hard to apply cream to the little ones' faces and they often sting their eyes. It gets everywhere and feels sticky, but this one is amazing as you can’t feel or see it at all. I brush it over my little ones’ arms as well. It’s so quick! For a fuller coverage sun protection we use Mustella, which is what I’d use over the kids body parts that are on show. I try and cover them up as much as I can though with rash
vest’s or hats as you know they are properly protected then and can’t be burnt. Myself and both of my children have fair skin and are blonde so we have to be really careful. I visit a dermatologist every 12 months religiously so I’m passionate and cautious about looking after my skin and theirs. My daughter Harlow who is 5 is really good at reapplying the powder herself throughout the day, she takes it to school with her as well. She knows the danger of the sun, I have always kept on at her about burning her skin and the dangers, so it’s like second nature to her now that she needs to have sun protection on.

Best tip for keeping kids happy on holiday? 

I always try to have lots of things planned for our holidays. We don't often sit around the pool for the day. I like to go out exploring or finding something to do. Our next holiday we are going to the Bahamas, there are lots of pools and children's' areas at the hotel, which will be great to
spend the morning or the afternoon at. The top of my list to do whilst we are there is swim with the pigs at pig beach. I love taking Harlow to see different thing’s and life experiences, I am always keeping her entertained by having something planned or fun to do. I think that's the best way to keep kids happy is to keep them busy.


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