As part of our gorgeous 2014 collection, we have introduced a new line of towelling dresses, perfect for keeping your little girl warm and cosy after a dip in the ocean or a swimming lesson. We thought it would be quite handy to let you know why this a must have for your beach bag!

Girls Towelling Dresses

Cotton Candy soft

At Sunuva we know you want the best for your kids, so we work very hard to source high quality materials to craft our goods. Our towelling dresses feature soft terry cotton, fantastic for absorbing water and making sure your kids avoid any post-swim chills, especially after a hard day's work at the beach. Feel free to pop them into the washing machine and they will come out feeling fresh and fluffy!
Girl's Towelling Dresses

Fabulous colours and design

We know our ladies love a little bit of a choice, so these pretty hooded dresses are available in three beautiful shades-gorgeous aqua, girly pink and fresh white. Featuring cute front pocket, beautifully finished off with wooden buttons and lovely pom poms. This is definitely a stylish number, bound to turn heads on the beach.
Girls Towelling Dresses