I am a Mum of now 3 big boys, Billy 17, Jimi 13 and Joey 12 - (all were forced to wear a tutu every so often as babies) I have this ongoing memory of sunshine holidays and lathering them in high factor. In those days the sun protection suits were ghastly. Most black with a neon strip shoved somewhere to make it a bit more exciting. Where were you Sunuva when I needed you? I love absolutely everything without exception.

I am godmother to a few gorgeous little girls all of whom are endlessly sporting the latest in Sunuva and always look so gorgeous. Most of all they look like little girls.

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My holidays

My family have a house in Portugal and for many years we have been holidaying there. It is an old style Quinta off the beaten track in the Algarve. Very relaxed, laid back and home from home. At any one time there could be 10 kids. Days are spent in the pool in the pool or on the beach and evenings there could be up to 20 for supper. Post supper is spent playing Perudo, cards or often who can do the craziest dance, sing the silliest song or last one in the pool has to cycle to the bakery to get croissant in the morning. Happy happy times - a place where the kids can be kids and the adults can be kids…


I looked after the Sales and Marketing for Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados for many years and have a big soft spot for Barbados and the Caribbean. Sandy Lane, probably one of the most iconic hotels in the world, had just had a multi million pound renovation and had received adverse press for many reasons. My job was to almost relaunch it from a sales perspective. Winter bookings were plentiful however the summer in Caribbean was looked as out of season. I spent a lot of time there in June, July, August and September - a time that was regarded as rainy season - it was blissful and yes whilst there was rain it came and went in a matter of moments. Top tip - the Caribbean in these months is out of the this world. Almost empty beaches and a fraction of the price.

Sandy lane

Last year, I had a few holidays with my Mum who is an incredible lady. 76 and can outwalk me any day and outtalk me every day. We had 2 weeks in India together. Exploringand Jaipur. I fell in love with the culture. I was totally amazed by how smiley and happy the people were. I was utterly humbled by how even in what we would regard as extreme poverty, they smiled. I don’t think I saw an unhappy face the entire time. At risk of seeming a little “wooo woooo” I assumed this unbelievable inner calmness - thats what India does to you. A little India goes a long long way.


We also explored a little of Tuscany and the charming charming old school Forte Di Marmi. Perhaps not so old school nowadays but in the 50’s and 60”s it would have been one of the chicest holiday destinations for English and Italians alike. First thing you do when you arrive is hire a bike and this is your transport for the duration. A little hairy late at night but romantically gorgeous. I felt like I was transported back in time. Really worth a visit.


My holiday wish list

I'm desperate to  visit Madagascar. As you appreciate, I spend my life trying to find the perfect basket and Madagascar is the home of beautiful beaches and baskets.

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