We love to go on travel adventures with the kids - it’s great fun and very bonding! This Christmas we headed off to Brazil where we spent an action-packed week travelling the length and breadth of the country exploring incredible places from Rio to the Amazon rainforest.

We arrived in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, and after a few hours of relaxing by the pool, we managed a quick walk along one of the world’s most famous beaches - Copacabana! This beach is such fun, there is so much to watch, whether it’s a game of beach volleyball, a group of musicians strumming along or just a get-together of friends. There were also a number of young man selling bikinis from a parasol - a new distribution channel for Sunuva?!

Later, we squeezed in a tour of the two key tourists sites- the Art Deco statue of Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.  The statue is roughly 98ft tall and is the largest Art Deco statue in the world, its scale is really impossible to describe.   Growing on the hill around the statue there are trees of Junk fruit, which actually smells pretty horrible, and each fruit weighs up to 20Kg each!


Sugarloaf Mountain is situated in Guanabara Bay and you need to take two cable cars to get to the top – the cable car scene in Moonraker with Roger Moore and Jaws was filmed here.  The summit of the Sugarloaf is 394 meters high and the kids were extremely impressed with the breathtaking views over Rio!

Love Sabrina
(Sunuva Co-Founder)