At 5am this morning we took a 2 hour flight to Iguassu.  Driving through the dense, lush green rainforest within the Iguassu National Park we arrived at a viewpoint of the Iguassu Falls which is one of the most staggeringly breathtaking views I have ever seen. There are 275 waterfalls of over 70m high here at the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

We trekked through the rainforest whilst Antonio our fantastic guide pointed out wild pineapples, palm trees from which it takes 10 years to grow 1kg of Palm hearts and rare species of grass hopper. On the basis that our youngest son jumped and screamed at every creepie - crawlie that came within view I'm not sure how we are going to fare on the next leg of our trip in the Amazon!


At the end of our trek was the highlight of the journey so far - a trip down river in a boat which was expertly driven through the intimidating, raging rapids to the waterfalls themselves. To the kids delight the driver took us under/in/behind the cascades of water so that we were all thoroughly drenched and screaming with excitement. The force of the water is surprising, you literally cannot open your eyes.





Love Sabrina
(Sunuva Co-Founder)