Our itinerary today mentioned Tarantulas and Piranhas - hmmm! We started off with a 4 hour hike through the jungle with hysterical laughter and screams reverberating around us! It turns out that my youngest son does not 'do' tarantulas. The size of my hand and very hairy, I have to say that I screamed quite a lot too as they scuttled towards us.

We also saw bullet ants which are the largest ant in the world - one bite can kill a child and paralyse a man for 24 hours!

We finished our hike with a feast of barbecued grubs which Leandro extracted from what looked like a pecan nut shell. He made a fire using sparks from a flint stone and cooked the grubs medium-well. Obviously I would have tried one, but unfortunately (read that as thankfully) I am kosher and they are not so I'm not allowed to eat them. Apparently they taste like coconut milk when they are raw and bacon when they are cooked and Leandro tells me they are delicious!

Safely out of the jungle we headed up river with our bamboo fishing rods to find pirrhana. Boy do those babies bite!! We fished many different varieties with varying degrees of aggression at which point (and perhaps we should of thought of this before?!) the question was raised as to how safe it actually was to swim in the river. Of course our fears were placated, but weirdly as my husband downloaded the papers tonight we read about a group of 60 swimmers being attacked by Piranha in Argentina - no more swimming in the river!

Sadly the adventurous part of our holiday is over, although after far too many 5am wake up calls I can't say I'm not looking forward to some R&R in Bahia!


Over and out x