Should Kids Wear Rash Vests?

Rash vests are designed to help protect the skin from the sun, saltwater, and sand. So they’re essential for any family holiday where you’ll be spending time on the beach or round the pool.

Rash vests are especially important for kids to wear. Children tend to have much more sensitive skin than adults, so it’s a great idea to pack a rashie or two for the kids on your next beach holiday.

So why should kids wear rash vests? Let’s find out.

What are rash vests?

Kids’ rash vests are fitted tops that are designed to be worn as an outer layer of swimwear. They’re suitable for girls and boys, and perfectly coordinate with our range of girls’ swimwear or boys’ swim shorts.

To maximise comfort and protection, rash vests should be:

  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy
  • Made from quick-drying material
  • Breathable
  • Protective against UV rays

What do rash vests do?

Rash vests are designed to help protect skin on the beach and round the pool. Here’s how they work:

  • Rash vests reduce contact between the skin and irritants like sand and saltwater
  • Unlike t-shirts and kaftans, which stay wet for longer, rash vests reduce the amount of moisture trapped around the skin
  • Rash vests can also offer extra comfort and reduce friction when using surfboards or bodyboards.

It’s important to note that rash vests aren’t the same as wetsuits. They’re not designed to keep kids warm in the water, so don’t use them as a substitute for a wetsuit in cold water.

4 reasons your child should wear a rash vest

Investing in a rash vest for your little one is essential for spring and summer holidays. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Sun Protection

Rash vests offer more coverage than other types of swimwear. By covering up on the beach or round the pool, you can help protect your kids from sunburn.
Sunuva rash vests are made from UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabric, which means the fabric helps to reduce exposure to UV rays on covered areas. This helps reduce the risk of sunburn — but to be safe, make sure your kids are wearing plenty of suncream on exposed areas, and top it up regularly.

More sun protection for kids tips:

  • Wear SPF 50+ suncream
  • Reapply suncream regularly throughout the day
  • Wear a sunhat
  • Avoid the sun between the hours of 12pm and 3pm

2. Reduce skin irritation

Kids can be prone to rashes and skin irritation, especially when they spend all day splashing in the sea or building sandcastles on the beach. Saltwater and sand are irritants that can cause itchiness, pain, and discomfort for kids.

Rash vests offer a layer of protection that can prevent these irritants from coming into contact with the skin.

More tips for tackling kids’ skin irritation:

  • Use suncream that’s suitable for sensitive skin
  • Keep antihistamines on hand
  • Wear quick-drying swimwear that doesn’t trap moisture

3. Better visibility

Sunuva’s kids’ rash vests come in bright colours and prints that make it easy to spot your kids in the water and on the beach. 

This is particularly important on busy beaches or crowded swimming pools, where it’s not as easy to keep an eye on them.

4. Reduce chafing and friction

Some kids wear regular t-shirts for extra coverage. But when these get wet, they can cause uncomfortable chafing.

Rash vests dry quickly, reducing the risk of chafing and soreness. They’re also soft, stretchy, and close-fitting, which makes swimming and playing in them super comfortable.

When should kids wear rash vests?

Rash vests can be worn anywhere where there’s a risk of sun exposure or skin irritation. This includes:

  • Swimming in an outdoor pool or in the sea
  • Surfing or bodyboarding
  • Snorkelling
  • Paddleboarding
  • Playing on the beach, around the pool or in other outdoor areas when it’s sunny

Lots of indoor pools also allow kids to wear rash vests. So there are tons of opportunities to wear this versatile kids’ swimwear top.

Buy rash vests from Sunuva

At Sunuva, we offer a huge selection of kids’ rash vests. So if you’re looking for a way to help protect their skin on your next holiday, you’re in the right place. Take a look at our kids’ rash vest collections: