Sunuva Loves: Ultraviolet UV Index App

The Ultraviolet UV Index App by Robocat is a beautifully simple free app for the iPhone and iPad that shows the UV index any location in the world. Stylish and easy to understand graphics give you the UV index number with a rating of Extreme, Very High, High, Medium or Low and an explanation, plus advice on the level of protection required.

The app will instantly find your current location and you can search for anywhere else using the drag and click world map. The map is simple to use but a good update would be the ability to search for places by name.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays can have severe effects on health, from eye damage, sunburn, premature aging and of course, skin cancer. Being aware of radiation levels is the first step to preventing harm and knowing the correct precautions to take.  All this important information is displayed on one easy to digest page in this excellently designed app. At no cost it is a must for anyone who is concerned about sun protection (and we all should be!) especially those travelling with children.

You can download Ultraviolet UV Index from the iTunes App Store