All the cheese in Mouseland had been stolen, leaving the baby mice in the orphanage starving! It’s time to call in Rastamouse; a crime-fighting, reggae-singing rodent and the Easy Crew, his gang of friends for Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan.

This bright and colourful book by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster is the first in the Rastamouse series, now also a very successful CBeebies cartoon. The stories are fantastic fun, captivating kids and adults alike with exciting capers and funny dialogue. Rhyming text and patois phrases throughout make it a joy to read out loud. It would be the perfect beach read for little ones on a Caribbean holiday!

The delightful illustrations and fun Jamaican rhythm will ensure that this is a book children will want to revisit again and again, whilst parents will appreciate the central message of working together to solve problems and ‘makin’ a bad ting good’.

Add some quirky Jamaican flavour to your children’s story time with this jammin’ posse of mystery-solving mice, as Rastamouse would say, “Irie man!”

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