what to readBooks never go out of fashion! Kicking off the list of our current favourites is the new Harry Potter, following its success in the West End, which appeals to both children and adults alike. We are also huge fans of Roald Dahl’s Boy which is filled with mischievous childhood antics and his other great classic The BFG.  The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark is a beautifully illustrated picture book for the younger reader.






‘Once again, the fantasy world that Rowling created nearly 20 years ago is at its most powerful when it sets aside magic and reveals the basic, brutal and human mechanics of love and grief…The thrill of a new Harry Potter book, even in script form, is its own kind of magic spell.’ - The Daily Telegraph ’It homes in on the magic we all have at our fingertips: the ability to make a difference to another person.’ – The Financial Times ‘Pure enchantment’ – The Evening Standard

Best for ages: 9+







‘Boy is the first part of an autobiographical series written by Roald Dahl himself and it tells the tale of the beginnings of one of the greatest children's writers the world has seen. Roald Dahl is one of those people who can turn something as boring as mice into something scandalous and eerily fabulous. Almost every chapter written in Boy describes a fairly ordinary event in a young boy's life made extraordinary with that little bit of Dahl magic. The author and the book speak for themselves. It isn't sophisticated or classy, but it's a Dahl autobiography, which makes anyone who turns their nose up at it a right twit.’ - The Guardian

Best for ages: 8-1














‘I didn’t want to stop reading till the end and I found the book really interesting. It is about a young girl Sophie meeting the big, friendly giant. She is initially scared but later strikes a strong friendship with the BFG. Their conversations are long but humorous. ‘ - The Guardian

Best for ages: 7-9








‘The dark is scary, ' Plop tells Mommy Barn Owl, who wisely instructs him to learn a bit more about it before passing judgment....As for the round, plump, and utterly fetching owl himself, he's an irresistible ball of fluff who may well convert a host of readers to night time's appeal.’-’Publishers Weekly’

Best for ages: 3-5


The beautifully enchanting I Spy Fantasy Riddles is a great way to keep the kids entertained, as is the Headspace App which is filled with engaging activities whilst teaching the basics of mindfulness. The Anti-Boredom Colouring Book does exactly what it says on the tin - offering a humorous approach to kids’ creative side. Audio books are great for travel and Matilda is one that is great for all the family to listen to!


I Spy Fantasy: A Book of Picture Riddles

Best for ages: 3-8


Headspace Meditation app

Great for kids and adults


The Anti-boredom Colouring Book

Best for ages: 4-8


Matilda audiobook read by: Kate Winslet

Best for ages: 7-11



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