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In need of a good dose of unadulterated luxury? Well, Dubai's got you covered. We caught up with the lovely Dani Miller, Buyer & Commercial manager of one of our wonderful stockists in the UAE, Hamac. Dani lets us in on the city she's well and truly fallen for.

Who should visit?

Anyone! There’s so much to do here. Waterparks, gorgeous beaches, heritage sites. Something for everyone.

What to see?

Dubai at night is a wonderful site to see. Go and visit some rooftop restaurants at sunset and watch the city come alive.

What to eat?

Dubai has a wonderfully diverse community so you can get any nationality of food at any time. I think trying some good Lebanese food is always great fun. A little like tapas, you can try lots of little dishes and share with family or friends.

What to pack?

Flip flops, a sunhat, swimwear some great going out clothes and a pashmina to cover your shoulders in the more conservative places.

Top beach?

Our personal favourite is JBR, The Beach. Full of things to do and dusted with restaurants, shops and events. Vibrant and fun.

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What the kids can do?

There’s lots for children to do! Swimming, camel rides, desert safaris, skiing (in the indoor ski slope), visiting the biggest aquarium in the world…the list is endless.

Typical weather forecast?

Sun, sun and more sun. It very rarely rains in Dubai, but we do get the occasional sand storm. November to May is peak season here and that’s when most of the fun events happen.

When should we visit?

We like March the best because the sun is warm, the sea is cool and the evenings are perfect.