Trunki is well known for making cool children's travel products from fun ride on suitcases, to comfy inflatable travel pillows and blankets- perfect for globe trotting tots! They share their top 5 tips for travelling abroad with children with us.

1) Before jetting off, try suggesting holiday related projects for your children to get them excited! How about getting them to research the place you are staying, the local food or the weather.  Maybe create a wish list of all the things they want to do when they arrive.

2) It’s worth doing a bit of research on what there is to do or visit if the weather turns against you. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room on a rainy day when on holiday!

3) Try turning mundane procedures into games. It sounds silly but it’ll help to pass the time stuck waiting around. For example, “How many people can you count wearing something red?”

4)Try packing a few little surprises to give out to your children throughout the journey.   They can be stickers, activity books, healthy snacks or a favourite toy.

5) If you’re lucky enough to have a child who’ll sleep almost anywhere, it might be a good  idea to travel at night so that they, and more importantly you, can get some much needed sleep!