Packing - the dreaded P word that is inarguably the least glamorous bit about holidaying. The mere thought of packing for an impeding family break can bring even the most well-organised into cold sweats, as your list of essentials is ever-growing, whilst the size of your suitcase is ever-shrinking. So we’ve got the boutique hotel experts, Mypootle on board to let us in on their ultimate packing tips.

Weigh Up

Most airlines will take a buggy and car seat with no charge, but do you know how many bags you can check in or their maximum weight – and how about the number and size of hand luggage pieces. You may want to get those bathroom scales out as going over the limit can pack a pricey punch

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Embrace the List

Don’t be scared of a giant list, use it as a way to help you prioritise (because the reality is you probably won’t be able to take everything, no not even the Dyson fan). Plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about ticking off a list

Precision is Key

Try to work out exactly how many change of clothes the kids will need. Little ones normally need a few extras and also look into whether you can wash clothes whilst you are away as this will really reduce the amount you have to take.

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Hand Luggage Essentials

Pack your hand luggage with the obvious must-haves, such as phone, passports, and an emergency pashmina. For contented kids, pack snacks and drinks (if allowed), your child’s favourite toy or comforter and don’t forget an iPad for yourself!

Keep on Rolling

A brilliant space saving tip for your suitcase is to roll clothes tightly then stuff socks into shoes and put liquids into plastic bags to guard against any spills or leaks. To avoid desperate luggage rummages, pack summer clothes or swimwear at the top if you are arriving during the day or put nightwear if you land in the evening.