We have rounded up some of our favourite reads that will be great for your little ones whilst on long haul flights! From fantasy adventure to stories based on real life events- there is something for all ages!

1) Breadwinner written by Deborah Ellis  is set in Afghanistan. Parvana's father is arrested and taken away by the Taliban soldiers. Under Taliban law, women and girls are not allowed to leave the house on their own so Parvana and her family must stay inside. Eventually foods run out and Parvana must pretend to be a boy to save the lives of her family. A brilliant story that highlights courage and hope even in time of despair

2) The last Olympian by Rick Riordan is a fantasy adventure novel based on Greek mythology the fifth and final novel of the Percy Jackson and Olympians series. It revolves around the demigod Percy Jackson as he leads his friends in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus, highly recommended for kids over the age of 10.

3) Dirty Bertie is a mischievous little boy with disgusting habits from nose picking to weeing on the flower bed, a combination of a wicked sense of humour and wacky illustration by Alan Macdonald your kids will laugh out loud!

4) When Patrick saves a litter of greyhound puppies from the canal, he can't bear to hand them all over to the RSPCA. He begs his parents to keep one but nothing seems to convince them-only to be woken by a greyhound puppy licking his face. Joy and heartbreak combine in this bitter sweet tale of a champion greyhound’s journey through life written by Michael Morpurgo, a fantastic read

5) The Worst Witch is a series of children's novels written and illustrated in pen and ink drawings by Jill Murphy. Based on life at a magical boarding school where Mildred Hubble (main character) keeps getting her spells wrong , although she means well she usually acts without thinking. Mildred seems to always ends up in a bit of a sticky situation, but somehow manages to always save the day! A great read for kids aged 5-9.

6)Recently released, Not that Kind of Girl written by Lena Dunham (writer and star of the HBO series Girls) is a collection of personal essays from falling in love, loneliness and even weight issues despite eating healthily. If your a fan of Noran Ephron, Tina Fey and David Sedaris, this will be a hilarious read whilst chilling out by the pool. For adults only!