Sharing a beach is overrated, so why not hire your own private island? No, seriously. If you’re looking for a personal paradise, look no further. With breathtaking scenery and your every whim catered for - our beach dreams just got turned up a notch.

Melody Key, Florida

melody key

Turquoise waters, check. Breathtaking sunsets, check. Complete privacy, double check. Melody Key is seriously one of Florida Key’s best kept secrets. The island may be completely off the grid - but everything has been meticulously thought out to ensure ultimate comfortability. State of the art solar power. Back-up generators (just in case). Al fresco dining. Snorkelling. You name it, Melody Key has it. This deluxe tropical retreat is absolute bliss and as Instagrammable as they come.

Tsarabanjina, Madagascar


First up is Tsarabanjina in Madagascar. Sadly (for the kids) there are no talking penguins. But the gorgeous views, white sandy beaches and untouched marine life totally make up for that. This lush, exclusive volcanic island is made up of only 25 exclusive bungalows and one restaurant. The French speaking island oozes a relaxed atmosphere - ideal for family and friends.

Laucala Island, Fiji

Laucala Island, Fiji

Laucala island is the ultimate destination for culture, style and luxury. Don’t believe us? Well, it was once home to American millionaire, Malcolm Forbes - who was so fond of the island that after he passed away he was buried on it. Whether that’s weird or interesting, there’s no denying that this tropical hideaway has it all. From flavourful, local produce to picturesque views and world class spa treatments, your family vacay is sure to be nothing short of memorable.

Velaa Private Island, Maldives

Velaa Private Island, Maldives

Previously described as ‘beyond luxury’ - Velaa private island is the epitome of elegance, privacy and comfort. It has everything from pretty beaches, Michelin-starred dining, a private submarine and a nine-hole golf course. But none of that really matters. What makes this island special isn’t on its mainland but in the sea around. What on earth could we be referring to? Why it’s dolphins of course. This island is the perfect destination to spot the beautiful and intelligent mammals in their natural habitat. We’re not biased but nothing trumps dolphins. Nothing.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

necker island

Bill Gates, Kate Winslet, Rachel Hunter and the Hoff. Think less bird-watching and more celebrity spotting. Sir Richard Branson’s luxury Caribbean paradise is the perfect balance between kicking back and rocking out. It’s graceful scenery and array of activities ensures that no box goes unticked. It’s a haven for watersports enthusiasts as well as being the ultimate chill spot for unwinding with a glass of champagne. Relax, unwind or jump on a jet ski - the choice is always yours.