Boys in images traveler and pilot play in his room


We know it can be a challenge to keep children occupied during travel. Trust our pineapple scoring to find the best travel essentials!

1First up is your child’s perfect, comfy, travel companion. It’s a great head and neck support, which comes with a baby's dummy holder. The fabric has been designed to serve you and your child through the heat and cold, oh and it’s a great cuddly toy!

Struggling for a book for a 3-5 year old? “Oi Frog” is one of the best-selling rhyming stories of the moment. You will definitely enjoy reading it to your children as it’s jam-packed with hilarious characters. The Independent has voted Kes one of the top ten children’s authors.


“The World’s Worst Children” is perfect for children aged 7-12. Filled with humorous tales about the world's worst children such as Sofia Sofa and Blubbering Bertha; a fun way of keeping them occupied during flights!

We found a solution for your backseat artist too. The ALEX Toys Artist Studio Car Valet has been named the toy of the year. Recommended for children aged 3-10 year olds, it has 4 little pockets specially designed to store artist’s essentials.

36 Favourite travel gadgets-RecoveredThe Gamevice controller is a must-have gadget for all game lovers. With over 650 compatible games to choose from, it’s a fun way to pass the time during long haul flights.

Following up with a score of 4.5 pineapples is the bestseller “Fantastic Beasts” by J.K. Rowling. Take your imagination on a journey, meet magical creatures, wizards and indulge in the world of magic and wonder!




5Long flight ahead? We’ve got you covered! “100 Things to do on a Plane" is filled with mazes, doodles, crosswords and wordsearches, which will keep your children occupied for hours.

Another of our favourites is the new Twist Collection by Polaroid - sunglasses which twist and bend, but never break! Polaroid
Ultrasight™ Lenses, provide 100% UV protection, and polarisation for maximum comfort.