Sunuva is delighted to announce our partnership with Scott Dunn, the award-winning luxury tour operator. From their knowledgeable team of genuine travel lovers, to their dedicated kids clubs across the globe, we’ve finally found the perfect match - and we’re not letting go anytime soon!

Here’s why we know you’ll love them just as much as we do:

Worldwide Locations

The sheer variety of Scott Dunn’s destinations is jaw-dropping. Whether it’s a half-term break to Italy, a once in a lifetime Asian odyssey, a snowy visit to Lapland, a Gorilla trek in Rwanda or a road-trip down California’s iconic Big Sur (okay, point made), you name a place and they are sure to have it covered.

California big sur scott dunn

 Hassle Free

Life can get pretty busy, so Scott Dunn organise every little detail and fine-tune according to your family’s requirements and budget. Forget the itinerary scrawled on an aeroplane napkin, and let them take care of things from the moment you step off the plane. Their Travel Consultants use their specialist local knowledge to craft a bespoke holiday that caters to everyone’s needs.

NIYAMA beach huts Scott dunn

Kid Friendly

The Explorers kids clubs are also a god-send, offering childcare and a range of fantastic activities from windsurfing to baking (leaving you to catch a little quality alone time with the other half over a romantic sunset dinner). Our Co-founder, Emily, was elated with her recent Scott Dunn holiday, professing “we couldn’t have been more relaxed, it was so fantastic to know the Explorers club was providing the kids with really exciting activities!”. Scott Dunn offer one of those rare combinations that has been so very hard to find until now; child-friendliness without the compromise on luxury.

Scott Dunn luxury travel childcare

Off the Beaten Track

What’s really brilliant about Scott Dunn’s service is that they don’t simply assume everybody wants a 5 star all-inclusive stay. They can provide something a little more unusual to make those holiday Facebook posts that extra bit envy-inducing. So while white sands may be a holiday must, Scott Dunn can add something more adventurous, from ‘glamping' in the wilderness to cruising down a river on a converted rice barge.

Scott Dunn luxury family holiday IndonesiaScott Dunn have well and truly wooed us with their perfect family holiday formula of no stress, no hassle and no worries. The exceptional care they take to organise, plan and execute your every holiday need will have you falling for Scott Dunn too - and don’t worry, we don’t mind sharing!