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At Sunuva, we source premium swimwear fabrics and pride ourselves on our UPF 50+ rating validated by the British Skin Foundation.

Below are some additional recommendations to help prolong the life of your Sunuva swimwear;

  • To ensure correct care, please refer to the care label on your garment.
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean cold water immediately after use.
  • Do not roll up when wet or leave in contact with light coloured fabrics, as some colours may bleed or transfer.
  • Gentle wash separately in cool water.
  • Some colours may fade in sunlight and chlorinated water.
  • High levels of chlorine, chemicals in hot tubs and also suntan lotions may damage swimwear and can cause colour changes.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces, harsh chemicals or detergents.
  • As with all swimwear fabrics sand may become trapped. Sand can be released from the fabric by soaking in cold water for 10 minutes then gently rubbing fabric underwater and allow to dry flat.

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